May 1, 2023 - Jul 30, 2023


Browse the latest fashions, sample delicious food and drinks, and discover unique gifts and accessories.


  • FARANDULA CORN & POTATO'S Elote-themed eatery specializing in delicious and authentic corn-based meals from loaded baked potatoes, nacho bowls, and loaded corn to fun fruit smoothies! Located in the dining court adjacent to 107 Taste
  • JUAN VALDEZ CAFE - NOW SERVING! Premium coffee shop that offers high-quality, sustainably sourced Colombian coffee and a variety of snacks and desserts. Located in the dining court across from T-Shirt Station & Planet Grilled Cheese
  • DAILY THREAD  - JUST OPENED! Trendy clothing store that offers a wide variety of stylish apparel and accessories for both men and women. Located across from Foot Locker and Power VR.
  • ISLAND SPACE MUSEUM - Cultural institution that celebrates the rich history and diverse cultures of the Caribbean through exhibits, educational programs, and events. Relocated to space 1202
  • SHOEPERIOR - Sneaker cleaning kits and drop-off sneaker cleaning services now available!
    Located across from Hollister
  • AROMAR - Enhance the ambiance of any space with fragrant and therapeutic scents!
    Located across from Bath & Body Works
  • LIFENIME - Find a wide selection of anime figurines sure to delight fans of all ages!
    Located across from JD Sports


  • Pynk Lab - Beauty and personal care salon that offers a range of high-quality and innovative cosmetic products
    Grand Opening - COMING SOON
    Located across from Cutie
  • Daniel's Jewelers - Elegant and sophisticated jewelry store that offers a stunning selection of diamond and gemstone jewelry pieces, from classic designs to modern styles, that are sure to delight any jewelry connoisseur
    Located in center court
    Grand Opening - COMING SOON