Holiday Gift Wrapping
  Nov 24, 2023 - Dec 24, 2023
Let’s Hear Some Noise for Our Gift Wrapping Team!

December 1 – 2: 12PM to 9PM
December 7 – 11: 12PM to 9PM
December 13 – 17:  12PM to 9PM
December 18 – 21: 12PM to 10PM
December 22 - 23: 12PM to 11PM
December 24:  10 AM to 6PM
  • Note: On December 12 - no gift wrapping due to South Plantation High Winter Concert 

For many decades,  Broward Mall has reached out to local nonprofits, schools and charities to create cross promotion and events that enhance and nurture our ongoing community outreach.
South Plantation High School’s Royal Regiment Marching Paladins have been providing gift wrapping services during the Holidays for years. This activity is an important part of their  fundraising efforts.
South Plantation High School believes that greatness takes root in diverse endeavors – whether it's in academics, arts, athletics, or community service. The school’s dedicated teachers, staff members and coaches are committed to fostering an environment that encourages creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.
If your non-profit or school is interested in a community collaboration, musical performances or innovative cross promotions,  please contact our
Marketing & Business Development Director
Mike Kirner