The safety and health of our employees, shoppers and community is the top priority for Broward Mall.

Governor DeSantis signed an executive order on May 3rd, 2021 that invalidated any remaining local emergency orders and COVID-19 restrictions. Following the Governor’s announcement, Broward County rescinded its face covering mandate, but indicated private businesses can still require masks and enforce social distancing and other protective measures. As a result, Broward Mall has made the following modifications to our operating procedures in order to align with these changes and to better serve our guests and businesses:

  • We will no longer require customers to wear a face covering or physically distance in the common area of Broward Mall. Face coverings in the common area are optional. Individual stores, restaurants and entertainment venues will make their own determination as to whether or not to require face coverings in their space.
  • The center and staff are continuing to follow all CDC and OSHA guidelines for cleaning and hygiene protocols.
  • Common area seating, including Food Court seating, will be returned to normal pre-pandemic levels.
  • Any restrictions that may have been in place limiting eating and drinking within Broward Mall have been removed.
  • Expanded cleaning policies that had been implemented to promote public health safety during the pandemic will continue to remain. This includes, but is not limited to, expanded cleaning in high-touch areas such as restrooms, Food Court and seating areas.

    We look forward to these changes and welcoming back our community. As we do so, please know that a safe shopping and dining environment continue to be of paramount importance and our main priority.

    Thank you